Years ago with my first breeding program I reaized that in order to continue to succeed I needed feedback from those that are raising my puppies about their experience with me.  So as far back as my very 1st litter I sent out a questionaire asking them to give me their thoughts and suggestions of where I might improve the puppy experience from my side of the situation.  Sometimes families don't answer the questions and I am ok with that although I would rather know good or bad how they feel.  Those over the years who do answer have always had such positive things to say.  It wasn't until this time that I thought to post their replies so that others could view them.  Their contact info is available as a reference when you have gone thru the application and approval process with me directly, but otherwise is obscured to protect their privacy.

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.