We have 3 litters planned for 2021. 

Spring will have our last litter between Heavenlee and Mickey

  1. Autumn will be our first litter between Halle and Big. $2000 per puppy. No females available, deposits have already been placed for 3. Please check back later or consider a male puppy or the other litter.
    • All Parti Colors are possible except in Sable or Roan patterns as well. (black and white, brown and white, buff/red and white, tricolors and also all potentially in Merle as well.
  2. A Winter litter between Infiniti and Big will have puppies ready to go home around Christmas Time. $2000 per puppy.
    • All Parti Colors are possible except in the Merle or  Roan Pattern as well, although they maybe be heavily spotted like mom and grandma. (black and white, brown and white, buff/red and white, sable and white, and tricolors.)

When puppies are available their photos will be displayed here along with pricing and description.

All of which is stated in our purchase agreement that must be signed by both parties (buyer & seller) before any money is non refundable (deposit and total cost). We like to make things as transparent as possible and prefer to utilize PayPal as it is not just a 3rd party (not involved and is established) but it also offers mediation if there were a dispute between us during the payment process.

All of our puppies are AKC registered.

  • They will also be current on vaccines (6 weeks)
  • microchipped (5 weeks)

when they go to their new families (no sooner than 8 weeks).

  • They also come with a one year congenital health defect guarantee.
  • If traveling to their homes out of state they will have a Health Certificate provided (cost to owner) by our veterinarian.

American Cocker Spaniels,

health tested generations, located in Phoenix AZ


Most of our puppies do not get sold with breeding rights or 'full' AKC.

We feel breeding takes another level of commitment and screen all homes carefully.