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Preston is not one of my own cocker spaniels.  He is owned and loved by Susan Oliver of Sea Smoke Cockers in Fresno CA.  I met Susan a few years ago on Facebook when talking about Merles and my goals for them.  She tells me I inspired her to get Preston and show him to his Championship as well as the amount of health testing that she has done for him.  I am honored that I made such an impact and when I met her in person over a year after that to bring home Heavenlee *yes she is her breeder and this is her sire* I was able to achieve my dream of finding a merle with parents who are health tested.  To read more about my feelings about health testing and the importance as related specifically to merles please read this page.

Preston is CH CASTLEHILL HOT OFF THE PRESS he also has many performance titles with the AKC.  He is a champion of the UKC as well as an International Champion.  My initial reason for choosing him as a stud for Infiniti is the extent to which he is health tested (results will be listed here).  Since he is not my own dog it was important to me that he be as healthy as possible to prove on paper to be able to show potential puppy families.  Some breeders are keen to use titled dogs to impress buyers where as I am impressed initially by health due to my background as a veterinary nurse.  I know that most of my families are just bringing home their pet for the next 15+ years and are less likely to need a performance dog and least likely to breed as that is something my purchase contract specifies against.  I do make exceptions once in a great while but haven't in the most recent years as so many have made me regret giving them that access in the past.  To me and the new families it is important that they have as healthy a puppy and dog as possible.  Saving some money on buying a cheaper puppy now often results in the cost of heartbreak and 5 to 10 times the amount of saved money up front in vet bills later in life.

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