Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.

Here is a summary (please read the website to see much more in depth detail about these things) of what every buyer ought to know about us.  I am calling it OUR STANDARDS as that pretty much is what this information is.

PitterPatterPrints Standards:

  • Our parents are absolutely healthy and happy before they even are considered to become parents!  
    • Before we even begin health testing (which is of equal importance to us) we raise our dogs to be happy, well adjusted and soclialized.  If they do not exhibit the merriness this breed is known for and specified in the breed standard than we aren't going to have them become parents and potentially pass on their attitude issues to another generation.  
      • Minnie is an excellent Momma, she was supposed to be timid and need alot of attention when we brought her home but honestly wherever she was before was the problem not her!  She likes men, woman, children and while we were told she had never walked on a leash her entire life she immediately did and to this day walks even better than Mickey does and we trained him from a 12 week old puppy.
      • Mickey is the gentlest kindest sweetest protector of his girls.  He adores Minnie and gives her true love.  He spoils his daughter Infiniti as if he was a human daddy.
      • Infiniti although far from of age to be bred is already showing signs that she might make a good momma, she is interested in her younger siblings and plays super well with others.  
    • Health Testing for Eye issues (formerly CERF exams) is done with a Veterinary Specialist annually.
    • Once 2 years of age our adults are OFA X-rayed for hip dysplasia.
    • We have them genetically tested for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy).  We are planning to have several other genetic tests done but they have less to do with health and more to do with 'color and pattern'.
    • From 2018 Forward each of our puppy's mother's will be at least 2 generations of health tested with favorable results.
  • We only use the AKC as our registry of choice.  If a puppy's new family wishes to use another registry to compete in that is certainly available to them even with our LIMITED Registration on most of our puppies (means they are not extended breeding rights, which will be respected by other Registries as well.  Also keep in mind our purchase agreement/contract places a high penalty enforceable in Civil Court on breeding one of our puppies without having gotten permission based on health testing results etc.
  • Our puppies are CURRENT on Vaccinations at the time of their departure to their new homes.  I also send home a reminder list based on their vaccine protocol started here as to when they need to be vaccinated again.  This covers in general the first year of their life.  After that you can always contact Kat to ask her opinion on various vaccines and the frequency of which they ought to receive them.  We are not opposed to 'all natural' rearing practices but having worked as long as I have in Vet Hospitals I know that not getting puppy vaccines almost always means very expensive life saving treatment IF they can survive what it is we vaccinate them for.  The respected Veterinarians who discuss Titer Testing etc even say that puppy stage vaccines are important.
  • Our Puppies are free of Intestinal parasites (worms) when they leave our home here.  We use precautionary treatment even tho our adults show no signs of having intestinal parasites.  They are also free of pests such as fleas or ticks.  Along the way home if your puppy picks up something we are reasonable and will work with you if you can ascertain thru your veterinarian (we ask you to visit them once they are home with you to get an unbiased opinion on the health of your puppy) that the 'infestation' originated here. (there is what is known as a life cycle etc for these parasites).
  • Our puppies are Microchipped and registering the chip in your name and information is not an additional or annual cost.  We know as a new pet parent you have lots of costs ahead (vaccines, dog toys, premium dog food etc) and it's simple to use an affordable chip and registry service and this is what we do, so yes we know the best ones and that some of the 'paperwork' comes with what we do as an Ethical Breeder of Quality.
  • Our puppies come with a 1 year Congenital Health Defect Guarantee.(read purchase contract to see specificic details.
  • Puppy Packs contain pertinent information and address as many of the topics that have come up in the 24+years that I have been devoted to this breed.  If we haven't covered it in that information, contact me... I want a lifetime connection with you and am here as a lifetime resource for information.
  • My references are primarily homes that have my puppies.  I do not rely upon other breeders who have bought from me or sold to me to proclaim my reputation.  Fact is they have a financial interest in doing so and I see it happen regularly online these sub par 'breeders' giving testimony about one of their 'pals'... many of those doing this I wouldn't buy a bottle of water from if I was dying of thirst.  
    • While I don't expect those looking for a puppy to understand the drama behind the scenes I do my part to educate on what you are hoping to find when you find a good breeder and a puppy to add to your family.  
    • Do I have other breeders who would testify... yup but I don't ask them to because I don't tend to sell to other breeders (thus few are breeders looking to buy from me) instead I prefer pet homes and think the best references are homes that have the same mindset when purchasing a puppy.
    • I also suggest you take a good look at pics and information on breeder's websites.  
    • Posed show pictures are neat BUT is that how the dog lives every day?  Posed pics tend to show only the best of what is wanted to be seen and not how the dogs really live.  If you want your puppy parents to be statues and not part of the family then I strongly urge you to not buy a puppy here.  
    • My cockerkids are my kids and as I type this half are asleep under my feet and the other half are likely up to something but free in my home to enjoy life.  They are not perfect but perfectly happy and my photos of them and your pups reflect every day life here.  I use crates as part of training and hygenically raising puppies but my dogs are part of the family and use the furniture, have toys and their coats sometimes are messy.
    • IF you are able, come meet us!  Before you buy a puppy or I even have puppies you are welcome in my home by appointment.  That is to make sure that I am home.  The only time I restrict visitors is when we have young unvaccinated puppies.  So after 6 weeks old you are welcome to come meet the entire litter.  Anyone else's pup you are not permitted to handle but those available you are welcome and encouraged to hold and snuggle!  This aids me in socialization of each puppy and if sanitation is a concern we'll address it individually.  
    • I have nothing to hide.  My adults are not living in cages (in my garage like someone else local to PHX does).