Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


All our puppies are born at the end of my bed.  Yes in an Xpen with the floor raised up so mom can come and go from the top in the coming days easier via my bed.  The sides are draped with towels to keep the pups warm and sheltered, we do cover one half of it and again use towels to keep the pups warm and sheltered (mom fits under easily to nurse them).  The floor is covered with faux sheepskin material that keeps the pups warm or cool as needed and allows  any moisture to drain away from them (urinating is one of the first functions they start doing on their own without mom).

Later as they begin to eat without mom we uncover half the flooring and they are on 1/4 inch slatted floors (so food, moisture and most importantly feces is taken away from them for hygene, it falls down below to newspaper that is changed as often as needed *I do sleep there ya know!* LOL

Please take the time to visit our Puppy Stages page to see what is happening for them as each week goes by.

Unlike some Kennels our animals are our constant companions and dwell with the family.  We feel this gives them a happy healthy life.  Our goal is NOT to produce pets for sale but to provide wonderful lifetime companions for families.  Cats and Dogs are very social animals and want to be part of the family. We will NEVER agree to one of our companion babies being an outside 'pet'.  We feel that keeping them under your care should include knowing that they are safe and not in harms way.  Being outdoors with them is one thing, letting the cat out to a safe enclosure or the dog out to a fenced yard is one thing.  Letting them roam loose or live outside away from the family in our eyes, is neglect and we do not encourage it.​

Because this is our home not an actual 'kennel' etc we usually do not give 'tours' to strangers.  If you are buying a companion from us we do not hesitate for you to visit once the current litter have received their initial vaccinations.  We only restrict you for their health and safety.  We believe that when you get a companion from us that you become part of the family, we hope that you will stay in touch and if you are in the neighborhood that you let us know and stop by for a visit! :)

No longer a baby Infiniti is puzzled watching the Xpen be set up next to my bed as we prepare for the next litter to arrive in a few days.  Minnie (her mom) can be seen overlooking the progress as the Matriarch (and expecting mom) of the family!

Once the pups are weaned and it is time to start paper training them we move from my bedroom (also time for them to get more activity around them and various noises etc) to the living room.  We divide an area with this puppy pen 1/3 for sleeping (forefront, 1/3 for eating and drinking (middle) and the other far 1/3 for pottying.  We can make this bigger or smaller as needed by the # of puppies etc.  As you can see here at 5 weeks old there are 6 puppies with ample room.  At 6 weeks we start letting them exercise more and more by running thru my puppy proofed apartment at set intervals.  At this same time we are now ready for our first vaccinations and a few short days from that we start going outside at regular intervals to go to the bathroom there.  Many of the families with our puppies happily report rapid progress with crate training and house training.  By the time they go home at 8 weeks MOST of the time there are no accidents over night~ I sleep about 8 hours and so do they, first thing we do each morning is go out to potty of course!

Currently we are living in an apartment and the kitties have their own room for their bowls, litter boxes and furniture (which is also through out our home as well).  Even when we have a larger home of our own (not an apartment) our cats and dogs will be raised in our home with us.  We believe that makes them better adjusted health and mentality wise.  They are after all our children and we want them to get everything we can give them.

Our dogs are walked each day and given plenty of exercise.  We live a half mile from a nice dog park.  We look forward to the day when we have our own fenced in back yard for them to romp and play but at this stage of their development we do prefer that they be leash walked as part of their socialization.  We do take them to visit other friends and family so they are introduced to new people and places often.  This includes other's yards and such so they lead a full happy life even tho they are in an apartment.