American Cocker Spaniels,

health tested generations, located in Phoenix AZ

This is not the actual contract but a generic one that covers what is in the purchase contract that will be e-mailed to you.  Please review the specific one for accurate details *your information and the animals identification,  once we receive the deposit we will send you the one for your puppy, then bring to a notary & sign, then mail it to the address specified on the contract.  You will have 48 hours from receipt of this contract (yes we have you sign for it to track this) in which you may change your mind and receive the deposit back.  After that the deposit is non refundable as purchasing a puppy is a lifetime committement and not one to be taken lightly. Be ready to bring home a family member that will need you for around 16 years. Puppies & Dogs are not disposable and as such when you place your deposit only do so when absolutely ready to.

In regards to receiving your deposit:

  • Up til 4 weeks old we only require down payment of $700 to reserve your puppy as yours, at 5 weeks old the down payment is now $1400,
  • as of 7 weeks (and older) the purchase price must be paid in full *$2000.  
    So at 7 weeks we no longer take partial payment but full in order to reserve the pup as yours.
  • ALL deposits/payments are NON refundable 

Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.  

  • After 8 weeks of age if you have not made clear plans to get your puppy home to you (I try well in advance to plan this with you) any money you have placed on the dog (not just the deposit) will be forfeited.  I need information to be able to accommodate you and will do my best to do so, however it is important to the welfare and development of the puppy to be going home to bond with the new family at a certain stage.  If for some reason on your end that stage doesn't work for you then I will need to hold the puppy until the puppy is once again in a welcoming to new experiences stage and we can coordinate that.  
  • Remaining in communication with me is important thru out this buying process.  I am diligent in providing updates of information and photos and it is reasonable to expect the buyer to give me the same respect on their end.
  • Delivery/PickingUp/Shipping arrangements need to be made ASAP.  I have other families to coordinate their new family member's arrival with and want to be fair to all.  If there is a cost involved for getting the puppy home to you payment must be made at 7 weeks of age and no later than 4 days before due to arrive home with you.

‚ÄčThis purchase agreement is a legally binding contract between the individuals listed above regarding the canine specified above. If at any time any part of this is found to not be appropriately allowed by law in the State of Arizona, it is agreed that the remainder of this document will be enforceable and not discarded. Signing of this contract indicates you have accepted these terms and will not be refunded your money if you change your mind.  You will only be refunded any money placed down in advance of bringing the puppy home if you notify us within 48 hours of receiving this purchase agreement (they are sent by Email or by Certified Mail with proof of receipt showing date and time).  

The sale of this canine is done with the following included in the purchase price. 

We are not responsible for any other costs once they are in your custody.

  1. LIMITED AKC Registration Papers with the Registered Name REQUIRED to begin with PitterPatter's. We have great pride in our puppies and our reputation goes along with that name. AKC Reg# _________________________Limited AKC Registration means that the dog/pup can be shown or compete but that it will not be bred. This includes breeding and trying to use a different registry than the AKC.
  2. While we do not immediately require you to neuter your dog (as there is an opportunity to get FULL AKC Registration granted later in the dog's life if you complete approved health testing at 2 years of age, OFA Hips, CERF Eyes,) as well as get the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Title thru the AKC.) it is the strong suggestion MOST of the time as our pups are considered companions first and are not intended to be bred except by individuals with experience and knowledge of this breed and animal husbandry. Completing health testing does not always mean you will be given FULL AKC as there are a variety of criteria to evaluate and that is just the basics involved.
  3. Current Vaccinations (DHPP) as suggested by our family veterinarian. (6, 10, 14 weeks is the protocol and if your pup is at least this age then they will receive the vaccine).Rabies Vaccine is not permitted until 16 weeks of age, 12 at the earliest, this is what the Federal Guideline states. Consult with your family veterinarian for specifics.
  4. De-wormed (intestinal parasites) at the time of departure to their new home. This will be documented on the Health Certificate provided by our vet (see next line).
  5. Health Exam performed by our family veterinarian. A Certified Exam will be done if they are traveling out of state to their new home. This will be required by the airline and is also a federal law regarding interstate travel. An additional fee for the Certificate (which will be registered with the State of Arizona) will be required and explained to you at the time you discuss details of delivery.
  6. Micro-chipped and registered with our contact information as a secondary method for contact the entire life of the dog. The buyer agrees to keep their contact information current with the registry for the chip and not to exclude our contact information at any time. It has been a reliable way for the safety of our puppies in the past to be returned to their families as well as a means to allow the dog not to be put into a shelter situation and instead returned to us the breeder in the event that something happens to the owner. MICROCHIP #_________________________________(implanted at 5 weeks of age).

There is offered a ONE YEAR CONGENITAL HEALTH DEFECT GUARANTEE specified as follows.

  • ‚ÄčIf there is a hereditary condition found by your veterinarian up to the dog's first calendar birthday you are to have your vet put their diagnosis in writing and mail to us their findings.
  • If the condition is deemed by us and our family veterinarian to impact the quality of life then a refund of the deposit price ($700) will be given to the buyer and they may keep the dog.
  • If they wish to return the dog due to this then they will pay the cost to deliver the puppy back to us and will be given a full refund of the purchase price.This does not include any delivery fees paid but ONLY the purchase price of $2000. This includes any fees for the certified health certificate, name change etc. Veterinary care is also not our responsibility while the dog is in your custody, this is considered routine maintenance of owning a pet.

This guarantee does not cover

  • A condition known as cherry eye (where the 3rd eyelid in the canine's eye becomes inflamed and may have to be removed. It is our accepted belief that such condition can be a result of the environmental conditions. Neither parent has or has ever had cherry eye even tho we live in a desert climate with arid conditions.
  • Behavioral issues such as barking, chewing, digging, excited wetting. These issues are likely a result of the developmental stage of the dog and need to be addressed on an individual basis with training.

If the puppy(dog) dies, before one year of age, an autopsy MUST be performed at your cost by your veterinarian and the report submitted to us for review by our veterinarian.
If the cause of death is found to be a hereditary condition then your purchase price of $2000 will be refunded to you within 90 days of us receiving this report. The 90 days is given so that our vet can review the report and any lab tests performed and reach their conclusion. The cost of burial or cremation will not be covered but is part of the cost(s) involved with pet ownership.

While some might feel this is not a generous health guarantee we feel it is appropriate and covers both the new owner as well as the breeder. Even though we only breed healthy parents there is no way for us to know anything further than the status of the parents and plan accordingly. We wait until our parents are of an appropriate age to decide based on their health whether to breed and would never knowingly perpetuate any problems. Kat has been devoted to this breed since 1995 and has not produced any puppies that have been found to have a problem. We remain in contact to the best of our ability with the new family and are a lifelong resource for most of them. There has been 2 known defects (not hereditary) in all these years and both pups are living quality lives, one of which was a birth defect and the other a very rare food allergy not found in the litter-mates or any related siblings or known ancestors. We will gladly provide our references.

New Homes agree to provide the following to their new companion.

  • Appropriate health care (maintenance as well as any extra care if they were to become sick).
  • Grooming on a weekly and monthly basis (bathing, brushing, haircuts) as needed to keep them comfortable.
  • Age appropriate quality diets (we feed IAMS and recommend them).
  • Exercise. Individual to each dog, cockers are athletic and also laid back. Some want to run often and others prefer to snuggle and relax all day.
  • A home where they are part of the family on a regular basis.

Further specifics that are agreed upon.

  • The information provided in your application is accurate. False or misleading information will result in a breach of contract and it is at the discretion of the breeder what that might result in (likely no sale or a demand to return the pup/dog to our custody immediately depending on the veracity of the problem found.)
  • Owner will be compliant at all times with local laws and ordinances including licensing as required.
  • Owner will attend at minimum a Puppy Obedience Class with their new pup. We encourage you to do more after by granting an incentive program for titles. To cover basics, if the CGC title (canine good citizen thru the AKC) is achieved at any time we will give you $100 after you provide proof and a photo for our website. This also only applies to those registered correctly with the PitterPatter's kennel name as the Prefix.
  • None of our dogs will be bred by their new owner unless they have achieved their CGC title and are also deemed healthy candidates (not before 2 years of age and specific results must be provided to Kat so she will grant FULL AKC Registration.). If this pup/dog is discovered to be bred there will be a civil suit filed for Breach of Contract. The value of this contract is considered $4000 plus any and all costs involved with this lawsuit. The buyer also will be required to spay this dog immediately at their cost and or return the dog in good healthy condition once able to be parted from the offspring. If these conditions sound harsh it is only due to the sincerity of this breeder to protect the pup/dog from being bred by anyone who would attempt to deceive or mislead her and violate the contract. Not neutering your pet is a decision with the obvious potential consequences of it breeding, make appropriate choices to avoid this and neuter. 
  • NO OTHER Registry will be used to circumvent the LIMITED (no breeding) Registration status with the AKC.  Ethical registries would not participate in such a practice as it violates your purchase agreement and could result in a lawsuit if offspring are ever produced.
  • The new owner(s) will keep in touch with at minimum yearly updated photos.
  • They will NEVER abandon the dog, put it in a shelter or subject it to research facilities.

If for any reason the original owner after PitterPatterPrints.co is unable to keep the dog they agree to contact us to give the opportunity for us to assist them in finding an appropriate home. At any time the dog is welcome to be returned to us at your cost of delivery so long as any behavior or health issues are made known so that we may address them.  We will no longer give funds to prior owners for returned puppies or dogs.  We are NOT in the business of 'renting' and want to be clear that while welcome back in our care we have placed this puppy with you under the intention of you providing a forever family & home for it. No money will be refunded.

In the event that either party (seller or buyer) feels the contract has been violated and wishes to dispute any part of it in a legal scenario it is agreed that they will only file in the local court system where the breeder (Seller) resides. This is currently Maricopa County in Arizona, USA.

This purchase agreement is established in it's entirety as of November 2019 and will be STANDARD for all purchases here forward.

PitterPatterPrints.co Purchase Agreement (contract)