Where Are We?

We are located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA for the time being.  Our neighborhood is known as the Arcadia District and we have outside nice views of both Camelback Mountain to the North and Pappago Mountain to the East.  However we hope one day to be able to relocate to a house instead of an apartment and give my family more room to play (say their own yard again?)

Our Story:

What started as an early childhood dream for a little girl to have a companion has turned into a reality. My earliest memory as a child is of sneaking across the street to feed the neighbor's cat when a sample of cat food came in the mail. When I was in first grade I chose my boyfriend * giggles * because he had several dogs. My first pet came when I was 13 and was a graduation present. My first job in high school (1993) was working for a veterinary clinic after school and every weekend. My second job was working for a dog groomer where I learned various trade secrets for both the pet at home and those in the show ring. Later I turned that into a career when I became a licensed veterinary nurse in 1999.

I delivered my fist litter in 2000 and even these many years later I have Emmet the Great (emmy) as my constant companion. He is half Maine Coon and Half Persian. Later as my plans progressed Emmy oversaw me deliver many litters of puppies and plays a crucial role in the raising and socializing of every litter of kittens or puppies. Even tho more often than not when they are really ready to play he is a bit too grouchy (he is an old man these days after all) to engage with them he is still gentle enough but makes a point about being left alone.  Kat is devastated to say that Emmy is no longer with her.  His loss is one that has hit us all.

Who is PitterPatterPrints?

Primarily it is Kat Patterson  who has the education and experience with animals.  I am 39 years young. 

I am a veterinary nurse (class of 1999), dedicated to this breed ONLY since 1995.  I have worked as a

groomer on & off since 1993.  My mentor was my boss then and sold me my first cocker for $700.

Discounted because I was an employee and also because he had 2 pink spots on his nose and 

I didn't want them tattoo'd just so he could be in the show ring.  I am physically disabled from 

an auto accident that left me with nerve damage in both legs and arms (and back) so that I can

not be on my feet or sitting down for long periods of time.  I enjoy working from home and being

able to devote myself to my cockers and even have a Magazine (Cockered) that I do from home

as well.

Some of you might have known of me as Kat Reck of KATteryKennels.com where I raised

American Cocker Spaniels and English Mastiffs in Mound City KS from 2004-2012.

I divorced the Terry part of that name and have learned from the many mistakes of that

situation.  When I left Kansas and Terry, I walked away with my clothes and Emmy.  

A very nasty divorce ensued and I made the choice to STOP the continuation of an

abusive marriage and walk away without fighting for more.  I could have and some

might say should have but to put it simply, I was tired of fighting and stressing over

everything and decided to put my energy into a new beginning for myself.  From this

point forward I will not surround myself with anyone that doesn't see me for the good

that I am.  At times people ask me "if I could go back in time and change one thing what

would it be?"  I can honestly answer "nothing, because every good thing I cherish and every

bad thing I learned from and became the stronger better person for it.


I have found in the year+ since my divorce is final that not having to do it all with someone else to lug around quite liberating.  I cried recently as I delivered my pups all by myself as memories of doing that with the WASband flooded back.  He'd be watching TV or sound asleep and I never felt so alone in my life as I did with him.  I might not be in a relationship with a man here with me every day but I am no longer feeling all alone.  I have my cockers Mickey & Minnie now their daughter Infiniti and hope one day to add one or more girls at some point in the future and that is truly all I MUST HAVE!  I appreciate my independence and being able to not have to deal with someone else's demands when they aren't giving anything back in return.  Not old and bitter, older and wiser. :) 

Why the name PitterPatterPrints?

Patterson was my last name, so the Patter part is easy to explain.  The whole name of PitterPatterPrints came about because of the sound of our animals playing is often the only sounds you will hear (pitter patter of paws).  Prints was added in order to procure the website but it also fits as we have left our own prints on the world.

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


What makes Us so Special?

It is this level of socialization mentioned above that sets PitterPatterPrints apart from all others. I have taken many courses and spent countless hours researching development of temperament in animals. Behavior, Mental and Physical Development take shape from the moment they are conceived. It is not just enough that as the new 'owner' you practice obedience and teach them what it is you expect from them. It MUST start even earlier than that. Your pet's parents must be inclined to be good parents, having a nice pedigree doesn't always deem the value they contribute to their offspring. Genetics DOES play a role for certain there is no question about that but what is often overlooked in genetics is the type of behavior displayed by the parents, grandparents and so on.