Minnie has been placed in a retirement home with a good friend of the family where she will not have to share attention as much as she did here :) we will remain in contact her lifetime & continue eye evaluations. 8/2019

2 days before delivery~ VERY Preggo!

PitterPatter's Minnie Dots

Is an American Cocker Spaniel Female and is registered as a tricolor.  Born November 28th, 2013 Minnie wasn't part of our family until she was almost 23 months old.  However had Kat been true to her heart she likely would have been home here sooner as it was love at first spot!  Fortunately with Mickey it was true love immediately right away as well because when they met they became almost inseparable!  Minnie enjoys being Mickey's lady and keeps him at her feet with his adoration, almost literally as she doesn't like him to sleep up on the bed with us but instead expects him to sleep on the floor below her feet.  Honestly Mickey has never liked sleeping in the bed and prefers a cold floor and so I have let them work it out this way knowing if he truly wanted otherwise he'd let me know.

Minnie got pregnant of course and became a mommy on February 24, 2016.  A night time labor (of course) but she did really well, the 1st to the last was less than 8 hours and the 3rd took the longest (the biggest pup) the 4th was a breach but she let me help her and it all went just great!  She is an excellent momma and we look forward to a few more litters with her before she retires at 7 years old.

Kat tends to want to raise her cockers from pups because temperament and mentality are just as important to her in making the decision to breed as is the health testing.  Sadly not all breeders are created equal in how they raise their pups and some situations can become problematic for a breeding bitch who needs in Kat's opinion, to be inclined to be a mother as well as emotionally ready to be.  Minnie we are told was on the shy side and also had never learned to walk on a leash (common for people who have a yard to just let them play in vs us city ppl).  While it is true Minnie tends to be less friendly towards men she doesn't know, she does however adore us and since being home seeks to meet many of our neighbors and most especially the kids!  O and the morning after we met her she was walking on a leash with a collar as if she'd been doing it for awhile~ she has some corrections she'll learn about how not to tangle you up and what side to walk on and some other commands she needs to learn but she is a very smart girl!  Incidentally as I write this she hasn't even been home a week and I already am confident in saying that we made a good choice as she needs some more encouragement she is a great dog!

Minnie came home with us from TX on October 12, 2015 although we met her on Mickey's 10 month birthday.  A heartfelt THANK YOU goes to Christine M. at Heavenly Sublime Cockers for our baby girl.  While she is not the breeder were it not for her (Kat had sincerely given up looking for a girl cocker this year after being screwed 3 times that year alone) we would have never found her and she also took excellent care of her while got ready to make the trip to go get her.  We had a heck of a drive to go meet her and one hell of a time finding where she was actually at! (long funny story but us city folk can NOT rely upon GPS to get us places! this story includes a chicken that did actually cross the road and a 3 legged cow~ I kid you not~ erm no wait there were no goats that I recall?)  To simplify it shall we just say it was a 16 hour highway drive one way to get her which we did only stopping for gas.  Once we were found and brough to meet Minnie it truly was like HEAVEN for me!  We sat outside in the shade (perfect fall temps) with her cockers and a litter of puppies playing all around us and talked Cockers for hours!  It's unfortunate that we parted ways with CM, she instead of being honest with me and a genuine friend decided instead to keep $ placed on a future puppy that wound up not being born due to her having a C-section of premature pups~ wow that kind of breeder is not good for the breed and then to keep

the money without providing a puppy at all (the full purchase

price and delivery not just a deposit (and there was no terms

saying the money would not be returned!  Apparently she also

was only being my friend to see what it could further for her

in the Cocker Spaniel Community.  We will have our day in court

and if she can live with her actions of theft~ she's not the type of

person I'd want to know anyways!

Napping with her daughter Infiniti who we kept, while I am working on this website right now! (4/26/2016)

As you can see it didn't take Minnie long to show Mickey what sleeping in a bed was all about!  They are an inseparable pair!  I even intended to breed Minnie to another stud, this first time after skipping her heat cycle when she came home, kept them apart and the night before our appointment I discovered she had gotten out of my room, out of her britches and he out of his belly band and they were tied together~ True Love can NOT be stopped!  That is how I came up with the LOVE STORY Theme for our 1st litter with them.

Resting after delivering her last pup~ she did great!

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.