American Cocker Spaniels,

health tested generations, located in Phoenix AZ

Mickey was always very smart and figured out things super fast. He graduated from his service dog class at 9 months old. He of all my cockers is the quickest to figure out the puzzle toys I buy them.

I met Mickey's breeder on a very emotional day for me, it was the eighteenth anniversary of my mom's passing. I also was getting close to the day my divorce would be finalized and I could start a whole new life without looking back over my shoulder in fear. You see during my divorce I had no cocker spaniels (for their safety) for 3 years. My heart was so empty without one to love and be by my side. Even tho I now tell everyone to get proof of the health testing etc at the time I did at least ask the breeder about it and was given promises that never came to be (and alot of stories that just made no sense either). So I did not come to buy a puppy from health tested lineages and had to start from Step 1 myself (tho I have gotten very very lucky with him as he has passed everything I have endeavored to get done.

Mickey has always had a good relationship with his puppies. He waits outside the door whenever they are being born (eager to meet them and be supportive of the mom to be (he really does court the lady too!)). At 4 weeks of age mom begins weaning them and so Mickey takes over with the 'puppysitting' duties. He will play with them as gentle as possible, seems to have limitless patience too. I absolutely love the relationship he has with Infiniti & Halle (his daughters we kept back) as well as when his pups come back to stay with us when their parents are away.

PITTERPATTER'S M-i-C-K-E-Y PRINT was born December 10, 2014. He is a brown sable parti color (sable and white).

I knew his name (Mickey) the moment I set eyes on this pic of him and I also took it to be a sign that he was destined to be mine. I did not hesitate and put down a deposit that day.