Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


Mickey is definitely MY BOY!  I have enjoyed spoiling him and at times he's my brat but he is also my best friend on this planet!  He knows me better than I know me and I love him for those moments we share daily!

Mickey as a 'daddy' is paws down the most gentle, sweet male I have ever met!  I am not surprised either because he has just been totally in love and devoted to Minnie from the day we brought her home!  He is a gentleman and now I can also say he is a great father!!  From the moment the pups were born he wanted to be with them, we introduced him one at a time a few hours after they were born and he had this look saying "OMGosh I LOVE THEM ALL! WHEN CAN WE PLAY?".  The first 2 weeks he had to stay away from Minnie and the pups because Mom needed to feel secure with her pups and not at all worried about another adult being with them.  Once he was allowed back into my bedroom tho he watched from the end of my bed into their whelping box every possible moment, when they got to the point of noticing him his tail would wag NON STOP!  At about 4 weeks old we started letting him have supervised time with the pup we kept (Infiniti) and he was beyond joy~ More than a kid at Christmas Time!  It worked out well as Minnie needed to wean the pups Mickey just stepped in to play with them!

Pictured Above is Mickey becoming a fully trained and officially certified Service Dog!  All before his 9 month Birthday!

Mickey gets along with everyone he meets!  He entertains himself and his brother Timothy (not ours but being house trained by us for awhile) for hours on end.  He met Rocky the old English Mastiff and they have become best buds!

Now that Mickey is home here with us I can tell you the really important stuff that pictures only try to tell you!  I am of course completely biased BUT if/when you meet him you can judge for yourself of course!

Mickey is such a smart and sweet soul!  In the week he's been home he's shown he learns fast... potty trained so quickly! learned to walk on leash right away, first going down the stairs and then up (we are on the 3rd floor!) fearless!

He is ALWAYS waiting for me outside our bedroom door every morning with a happy whole body wiggle that leaves you no doubt how he feels about seeing me awake and ready to love on him!  He gives the best kisses too!

Sables have a political history with the American Spaniel Club and are not currently allowed to be shown in Conformation in the United States although there are Sables with a Champion Title in America prior to this controversy.  To learn more about that please visit our SABLE INFO page. 

PitterPatter's M-i-C-K-E-Y Print

Is an American Cocker Spaniel Male who is a sable and white 'parti' color.  Born December 11, 2014 and selected by Kat the very next day!  She had looked over his pedigree and parents and knew that he had potential to be a great addition to our family.  All the puppies in the litter were quite wonderful but Mickey was striking and stood out with his DisneyEarsSymbol that naturally appears in his coat on the right rear side!  There are lots of baby pictures of Mickey because of his breeder being so good to us!  The first few days she sent multiple pics of him to us daily!  Thank you Jamie for what had been a good friendship.  Sadly you have showed your true colors and I have chosen to end any further association with you!  Mickey arrived home March 6th 2015!