Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


Kat is working on creating a LOGO for this litter to display here!  Otherwise everyone is current as of March 3, 2017.  

They will be 6 months old August 22, 2016 and we know that by that time Emma, Lincoln and Levi will be neutered.  We're waiting to hear from Sophie and Annabelle's parents although no one aside from Infiniti in this litter was given FULL AKC Registration and are all just much loved and SPOILED JUST RIGHT FAMILY MEMBERS!

Our 4th Born ANNABELLE has not given us any updates.  

Her mom isn't online so we will give her a call and or mail a letter hoping for contact soon.

To See the 6th puppy and the one we kept for ourselves please view Infiniti's page!