Emma is home with Shelly in ND. (spayed)


Sophie is home with Ron & Vicky in Northern Phoenix! (spayed)

Everyone has gone to their forever families.  

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.

Lincoln is home with Natasha and Mathew in Phoenix (neutered)

Annabell is home with Julie in Mesa AZ! 

Born on day 57 of the 1st Tie ~ 7 puppies!  5 girls and 2 Boys.  Only in labor from 11pm the night before 1st born arrived at 12:30 til 4:30 when the last arrived.  Minnie was an excellent mommy from moment one, she only had difficulty with the one breach (an hour between the other pup) and that is so understandable.  She cleaned them and wanted to nurse them as they each arrived.  She was comfortable and proud as I held each one checking them for all their toes and no problems (cleft palates~ just part of my veterinary nursing training).  Only the last little girl didn't make it, I revived her once but she wa the runt and lived only 1 day. :( her heart wasn't as strong as the others were and it was just not meant to be.  I remember thinking as I looked at her umbilical cord how there was no red/blood and it was so pale pink.  Sadness but truth dogs have mulitple births at a time because some just don't make it.

Then at 3 days old sable became clear on what I thought was a tri color with a black nose (everyone else's nose was pink still) and at day 4 little freckles starting coming in and I thought she might be a roan too (she's not) so I decided she had to be mine  INFINITI (means forever) with that special mark on her back, became a clear sign she was meant to stay mine. (she now has her own page here).

Levi is  home with John and Marilyn to Montana each summer and Arizona each Winter! (neutered)