Where the Pitter Patter Of Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


Black Sable Parti

Infiniti with (dad) Mickey

Infiniti with (mom) Minnie

More to come in the future!

PitterPatter's INFINITI Symbol

Is a sable American Cocker Spaniel born on February 24, 2016.  Her mom is our Minnie and dad is our Mickey!  She has her very own Facebook Page! Where you will hear from 'her viewpoint' her life's journey.  She is appeared almost to be roan in the first few weeks of life but that doesn't seem to be the case, her littermate Emma is much more heavily ticked than she is and such.

I chose her because like her daddy it was a SIGN ~ in her case the Infinity sign on her back (see the almost 8).




I tried NOT to keep her or any pup from this litter for 3 whole days~ after all she is related to my only male and that means I will have to use an outside stud for her.  However it was undeniable she is meant to be mine forever (Infinity=Forever) and she and Mickey are quite bonded and have been from the moment her eyes opened.  I let him play with her (and he was so gentle and sweet) from about 4 weeks of age (supervised of course).  She is turning into quite a beautiful baby girl and I got lucky once more as she is truly the PICK OF THE LITTER and the most typey of them.  She is spoiled already and knows she's a princess!  She is sweet but has a cockertude that let's everyone know she knows just how special she is and that as the Princess EVERYTHING is hers & EVERYONE must love her! (and they do!)

Infiniti with Kat

Here I am with a short

Arizona Summertime Haircut!