Infiniti's dam

(mom) Pedigree

Done as a 2nd Generation CLEAR at 1 Year of Age to show that puppies from same parents are healthy as well.  She is an older full sibling from a different litter to the puppies we are having.  This will be continued annually until she is 8 years of age.

Infiniti's OFA HIP Rating is : GOOD 

The same rating as her dam Minnie.

Our home address is blocked on the certificate to ensure our privacy and safety as a family.  A buyer can request to see the actual certificate and or view it online with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

We will also be having her CHIC certification done as well someday soon as she qualifies.

Infiniti earned her TKN (Trick Dog Novice) Title on 8/13/2018

in Fresno CA under AKC Evaluator Susan Oliver.

This is the first title she went for and earned.  We are hoping

to later achieve at least her CGC title as well :) 

As a precaution the Registration # for our dogs has been made unclear on this view.  An AKC Litter Pedigree will come with your puppy and will have the full # there as well as the registration papers will show it as a listed parent.  The comments in Red & Blue are to show you the Z listing your pup will have and why.  We also will explain that Merle does not skip generations and your pup is NOT a Merle.

Infiniti's sire

(dad) Pedigree 

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.