American Cocker Spaniels,

health tested generations, located in Phoenix AZ

She has proven herself to be an excellent mother, has not lost any puppies, and wow just wow at the colors and patterns she and Mickey produce together.

2018 she gave us 6, 2019 there were 5 and 2020 there was 7 puppies!

SEA SMOKE HEAVENLEE BLESSINGS TO PITTERPATTER is a chocolate tricolor merle (brown tricolor with merle markings). Born September 30, 2016.

Heavenlee was quite a puppy, rambunctious and not at all dainty ... until 18 months old and then she 'grew up' and into a lovely lady. Once her health testing was completed (Negative for PRA~ her sire was a carrier, OFA Hips and annual eye exams with the veterinary opthalmologist)

At the time I found Heavenlee as a puppy online I had all but given up my search for a merle puppy from health tested parents. Over the years I had several breeders promise me they were going to start health testing and never followed thru with it. So when I saw Susan Oliver of Sea Smoke Cockers had a litter I looked at the pedigree and decided she likely hadn't done the health testing either and I scrolled past...Until another week went by and another and this puppy just got cuter. I finally messaged her and we talked about how I had inspired her to not just health test (AMEN!) but to go out and get at Champion to sire the litter. She purchased a male and handled him mostly herself to his Championship just to breed to her merle female.