Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


In late summer of 2019 Kat came across a photo of a tricolor male puppy. The tan points would work with Infiniti's sable gene and create potential sables! Now she was excited. Apollo comes from a friend back east who sent him to our family via ground transport.. the wait was excruciating and Kat was reminded why she prefers to fly her grandpups to their families~ safer than crossing the street and takes alot less time!

Minnie after giving birth to our LOVE STORY LITTER!

Family Outing to the Eye Specialist

for Annual Testing.

Infiniti finding out she will become a big sister soon!

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Minnie, Infiniti and Heavenlee helping Kat at her desk.

Minnie at home in my kitchen :)

Minnie is shown here getting a treat on her 2nd birthday!

Infiniti is so gentle with Heavenlee.

Heavenlee grew up, went thru her health screening and had her 1st litter with Mickey on 12/22/2018. We kept a daughter who looks so much like mom (same color and pattern) and named her Hallelujah Jubilee (aka Halle)

Mickey teaching his young GF (future) how to relax and take a nap!

PitterPatter's Next Generation.

Every breeder knows that there is at least one pup in each litter that grabs our heart.  I love all my pups but yes from time to time one speaks to me and my head can't rest until my heart gets the decision it wants.  That is why even tho Minnie is a young mom and Mickey is my only male I still had to keep Infiniti for myself!  I realize this means being extra careful during the time she is in heat and finding an outside stud for her if and when she is ready to be bred but to witness her in person with me and her parents you would completely understand why all that is worth it.  I knew at birth with that Infinity symbol on her back she was 'the one'.  Much like Mickey's "Sign" I took it for a sign as well.  Watching her grow day after day I tried not to give her any more attention than the rest of her litter mates but all the same she still stood out.  She is definitely the Pick of the Litter and I am looking forward to seeing how she turns out as a juvenile and an adult.

Minnie next to my desk hard at work with Baby Infiniti (both asleep)

Infiniti with her mommy Minnie

Infiniti's Birthday

Minnie on the move on the left and Mickey giving kisses for the camera!

Infiniti with her daddy Mickey

Pitter Patter's Infinite Love Story is an American Cocker Spaniel female that is a sable parti.  She is the daughter to Mickey & Minnie and was born and bred here.  Her name was chosen due to the 'ifninity' symbol that was on her back when she was born, much like how Mickey got his name.  Her own personal webpage can be found here

The appropriate mate for Infiniti has proven to be a difficult process. The 1st breeder we approached concealed her CH stud had Exercise Induced Collapse (a genetic condition *hereditary*). The next breeder who approached us with an offer to stud her CH to Infiniti wasted our time over the course of an entire year and 2 visits to her home, not to mention all the money wasted in doing so.

Kat decided that she would MUCH rather raise a male pup up with Mickey to guide him and began to search for the right one! Pedigree had to be impressive and the lineage healthy!

Looking for a special girl  ***UPDATE at Bottom***

Kat is currently looking (and has failed 3  times this year alone (2015) to find an ethical merle breeder who has a chocolate based merle female puppy available.  3 Times she has entered into an agreement and had her heart trampled on by the breeder not being of an ethical caliber and keeping to the agreed upon terms that Kat feels is necessary to work with a breeder. Again Kat is learning as she goes along.  Far too often has she been reasonable and understanding and each time when it becomes apparent this is a bad situation, she certainly gets hurt emotionally from falling in love with the puppy but as has been proven after awhile there is a VERY good reason for not getting that puppy.  Kat is waiting to discuss specific details with a breeder she has worked with in her past about a puppy in a future litter.

2016 is half way over and she has not found any merle female pups of the quality and health tested parents she requires.  It may in fact be time to shift focus away from Merles in our breeding program and concentrate on the beautiful Sables we are producing and having a chocolate base possible.  We will be genetically testing to see what extension of the Sable Gene both Mickey and Infiniti have going on for them and better understand the beautiful sables we are producing and perhaps from there begin looking for a chocolate tri color female cocker spaniel, we are considering a chocolate and tan SOLID as well as a possibility.  Mickey's parti is on the open side of things and so we could achieve partis and his mother was a solid so there is a chance of producing correct solids as well (and as we breed for pets not truly 'show stock' a mismarked solid or a heavy/closed patterned parti is not considered by us to be a problem.

UPDATE!!!!! October 2016 Kat spotted a chocolate merle puppy in CA.  At the time my Disney Litter was less than 2 weeks old and this pup is only 2 days younger so I told myself 'not right now' and tried to forget and focus on my litter, another week went by and STILL no one had spoken for this puppy.  I messaged the breeder who was someone I had spoken to in 2015 about my Goals 4 Merles and shared some common ground with.  NOW I was super excited and having gone over specific details of her purchase requirements etc I said I would let her know after the weekend.  To be completely honest I couldn't sleep that night and messaged her in a few short hours that this pup had to be mine!  The crucial criteria that had been missing in my search was health testing and this breeder has health tested the parents!  No longer able to even pretend that wasn't significant enough as well as falling in love with her even before her eyes opened and weeks later found out they are both going to be blue!  I named her Heavenlee Blessings!

Mickey is shown here becoming a fully trained and certified SERVICE DOG, all before his 9 month old Birthday!

Pitter Patter's M-i-C-K-E-Y Print is an American Cocker Spaniel male that is a sable parti.  He was selected for his pattern of sable, plus he carries for the gene to produce chocolate. He is named Mickey because of the DisneySymbol that appears naturally in his coat on the right rear side.  He was born December 11, 2014.  To view more information about him view his own personal webpage here.


These are our American Cocker Spaniels that we intend to breed in the coming years.  When Kat had to place her cockers with others she had no choice but to begin again from the beginning with new dogs.  Along the way she met some wonderful breeders who helped her get a new start.  With the knowledge and experience she had from her prior Kennel (2004-2011) she knew just what to seek out and where her heart belongs.  Each of these 'pups' are first and foremost my babies and then the parents to my grandpuppies! 

Pitter Patter's Minnie Dots 

is an American Cocker Spaniel female that is a tricolor roan.  She was selected for her spots and because she has tan points, which when bred to Mickey will interact with his pattern of sable and potentially create tricolors or sables in roan! as well as the more common parti colors.  To view more information about her own personal webpage here.

Top Left -Heavenlee


Bottom Right-Infiniti

TopRight-Mickey's Brother Timothy (visiting)

Kat with baby Infiniti at 6 weeks old.

Infiniti at 20 weeks