This pedigree is for the litter from Heavenlee & Mickey.

Both of these parents are of "controversial" patterns (color/appearance) in the American Cocker Spaniel.  They are purebred and registered with the AKC but can not be shown in Conformation, they can however participate in every other AKC event.  Please read our information pages on Merle & Sable for much more detailed information about this.

Photos of available pups will be posted on this page and updated at least weekly.  Pups already chosen by families will have their own place to see updated photos etc.  Please view the bottom this page to see what is included in the purchase price.  

Pups are priced as listed *$1500+*.  Up til 4 weeks old we only require down payment of $500 to reserve your puppy as yours, at 5 weeks old the down payment is now $1000 and as of 7 weeks (and older) the purchase price must be paid in full.  All Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.

Delivery/Shipping is Additional and will depend on what arrangements need to be made.  That amount can be discussed before purchase but does not have to be paid and cleared until 7 Days before the puppy is to go home to you.

  • Once you are approved and inform me that you are placing the deposit and the puppy is put on HOLD You have 48 hours to place the deposit or I will have to move on and make the puppy available again.​ 
  • All monies must be cleared (even if using PayPal or Bank to Bank transfer) at least 4 days before the pup is scheduled to go home.  This is a fair and wise business policy and not intended to say that you as an individual would ever defraud us as the breeders but we have heard of people doing this in the past to other breeders and do not wish to risk that. 
  •  Delivery is available for an additional fee and will depend on where and how we get there.  We only charge the cost involved.  We will NOT ground ship with a 3rd party as the risks involved increases exponentially and the time spent in transit is hard on the puppies.*Airline shipping to 49 States can be figured on $450 minimum as we only use an Approved Airline that ensures the safety of the puppy.*
     We do personally deliver via car for only the cost to do so, (neighboring states=gas to and from, farther than 8 hours requires a night's lodging.  We often try to combine delivery with other families to split the cost.)

The pedigree with the blue edge is for Minnie & Mickey (Infiniti's parents).  She is the bottom dog on the left of the white pedigree.

You are welcome to contact us  or fill out an application about a future puppy at this time.  After viewing the basics of our Purchase Contract go on to theAPPLICATION Page and give us your information so we can evaluate your information as a potential home for one of our beloved puppies.  

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


This pedigree is for the litter from Infiniti who will be bred to Preston, he belongs to Susan Oliver of SeaSmoke Cockers in Fresno CA.

He is a black and white parti color AKC Champion stud with AKC performance titles (listed in red on the pedigree).  He is also an International Champion and a Champion of the UKC as well!

He was chosen initially for his Health Testing.  He is CHIC rated (extensive list) and I will list that information elsewhere as to go into better detail about it.  He is a carrier (not affected) for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) but his puppies will not have it as Infiniti does not have that gene.  Their vision will never be aflicted with PRA and I have no plans to allow anyone breeding rights with their puppies but am very willing to explain why he was included in my breeding program despite this gene.

We have plans of a future litter of parti puppies in December 2018.

All our past available puppies are home with their new families.

Please visit the ARIZONA Singleton,Disney or LoveStory 

Pages for previous Litters &* for their updated photos.

This page is just for the photos of those that are available.

Each puppy will come with:

  • LIMITED AKC Registration (Full is only ever available to those we know very well.)  Our pups are not meant to become 'breeders'~ we strive for happy healthy companions first and foremost.  If you have to ask if we know you well enough for FULL AKC then the answer is no.  Even those homes who we do grant FULL AKC to must agree to extra criteria to have it granted LATER in the pup/dog's life.  Health Testing (OFA ~Hips (X-rays), Eyes (CERF/CAER) (Exam) & PRA Genetic testing(bloodwork) as well as achieve a CGC (canine good citizen) Title with the AKC.  Those are our basics, ethic/breeding policies etc. must also be similar to ours.
  • Current Vaccinations (depending on when the pup is going home will have 1st or 2nd set of vaccinations started (5,9,  weeks and 1-2 more will be needed at 13 weeks (again at 16 weeks the age that the Rabies Vaccine may be given).
  • Dewormed (intestinal parasites), they will not have any parasites at the time of departure this will be documented by our veterinarian.
  • Health Exam (a health certificate registered with the State Department if traveling outside the State to their new home) performed by our Veterinarian that will go over general health appropriate for that stage of the pup. (this will include listening to the heart and lungs for normal function, a physical exam to check for any hernias, if a male to check that both testicles have descended.  They do also look at eyes, ears, mouth and the rest of the body as is done with any exam.
  • Lifetime of Support for information.
  • Micro-chipped & Registered with us as a secondary contact to the new owner (required in our contract to stay that way) in case of emergency.
  • One Year Congenital Health Defect Guarantee (see contract to cover specifics).
  • Sample of Food (enough to transition to a new diet if you do not feed the same one we do and recommend).
  • Toy (whichever toy the pup likes the most will be sent home with it.)