Phone number:  

Best day(s) and time(s) to reach you:  

Home Address: (street, city and state and postal/zip code) 

E-mail Address:  

I am wanting to add to my family a: (either say dog or puppy or the name of the particular one you have seen and wish to add to your family)   

I currently have how many children living in my home:(please include their ages)  

I currently have how many pets that I own or are living in my home:  

I have experience with the following animals: (list any that you have cared for full time such as "cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, cows" etc. it is helpful if you list the specific breed if you know it)  

I intend to (select from list) make PitterPatterPrint's animal a 

  1. breeding animal
  2. companion
  3. ​gift
  4. guard animal
  5. inside pet
  6. outside pet
  7. show animal 

I lease, rent, or own my home:

I have a veterinarian:

I have a groomer:

​I plan to feed what brand of food to this new addition:

The person who will be responsible for taking care of this animal is:

Have you ever been accused or charged or convicted of any crime related to an animal (if so specify):

Have you ever had to rehome a pet?  If so what was the reason? :

Have you ever bred a litter?  If so what, when and where are they now?: 

It is very important to us that any family interested in one of our family members be qualified to care for and cherish them for their entire lives.  There are no wrong answers (unless you lie that is) as even if your situation currently is not to our comfort level we feel the right thing for us to do is to discuss this with you and educate or inform you about why we feel a certain way.

Please COPY the questions (highlite them with your mouse, Control C to copy) here and then PASTE (Control V to paste) them into your email to , make the Subject line say "APPLICATION INFO" .  Answer each of the questions in as much detail as you can.  Thank you in advance and you will receive a response usually within 72 hours of our receiving it.  You can now effectively fill out the Form and have it directly mailed to us from this webpage.  Just copy the questions and place in the MESSAGE Box along with all your answers.

Where the PitterPatter Of Cocker Spaniel Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


Application to add one of our babies to your family.

Please note the information you provide here is required for any purchase and will be deemed accurate and verifiable.

Once we review your application and have contacted you to discuss it you will also be asked to provide references that will be verified.  3 personal references, 1 professional reference (we will tell you what we ask in regards to this in the response).