American Cocker Spaniels,

health tested generations, located in Phoenix AZ

Our Philosophy!

Having worked with very sick animals and their families at the vet hospitals Kat knows what kind of heartbreak comes with an animal not bred well. In fact the first cocker spaniels she encountered were mean (because they were in pain) and 'ugly' with severe skin allergies and major ear infections. When she started working at the groomer's who bred cocker spaniels and show dogs at that she did not recognize them as being the same breed (she was also a naive teenager). So health has taken a front seat in her endeavors. Providing a happy & healthy puppy to a nice family is always her goal.

Happy refers to an attitude but also a 'state of mind' and therefore we do make sure they get proper socialization for the various stages of development puppies go thru while waiting the 8 weeks to go home to their new families. Healthy comes from health tested lineages before each puppy to eliminate any known problems both genetically and physically. These two things should be the basics in every breeding program and unfortunately they are not far too often. Only now that we have established happy and healthy for more than 1 generation has our focus changed to include a more 'impressive' lineage with Champions or Titled with the AKC. Even show breeders don't always do health testing and they ought to know better if they are trying to further improve their breed.

Kat Patterson

Has been dedicated to the American Cocker Spaniel for nearly 30 years. First as a pet owner, then as a groomer and veterinary nurse and for the past 26 years as a dog breeder. Not just your every day run of the 'mill' breeder either. She continues to educate herself on current trends within the field but also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 as a Veterinary Nurse which has given her a strong foundation for animal husbandry.

Her first cocker spaniel Sunkiss, was a red and white. It wasn't until she saw bullying online that she became interested in furthering Merles and Sables within the breed. "Everyone has the right to like what they like and nobody has the right to bully anyone for such a silly thing as a preference in color or pattern." Since that point her interests have lead to having bred some of the most beautiful cocker spaniels she has ever laid eyes on.

Our Location:

We live in Phoenix AZ USA. One of the hottest places during the summer. During the summer, we don't ship our puppies, out of state buyers MUST come to us and fly out with their puppy in cabine with them. We have puppies all over the United States and we are not opposed to airline shipping, in fact it is the fastest and most reliable way as well as safest when a great distance needs to be traveled with that precious puppy. We have alot of local buyers as well and are willing to meet with neighboring states half way by car.

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Our 'Facility':

We don't have a 'kennel'. We raise our puppies alongside our adults in our home! They are part of our daily routine and our focus for 8 weeks. They are given proper socialization which includes introducing them to various household noises (such as the vacuum or dishwasher) at certain developmental stages. They learn to cuddle with us and play with the adults once they are at a proper stage to.