American Cocker Spaniels,

health tested generations, located in Phoenix AZ

PitterPatter's Cocoa Cleo

is a chocolate sable merle female who lives in California

PitterPatter's Tootsie Fanum

is a chocolate tricolor merle female who lives in Minnesota.

Sweet Chocolates Litter (2019)

Born on August 14, 2019 were 5 all MERLE puppies! There is a slideshow below of each as they progressed over the 8 weeks they were here with their parents and breeder and then PUPdates their parents have sent. Videos are on our YouTube Channel.

PitterPatter's Maximus Meridius Decimus 

is a chocolate tricolor merle male who lives in Phoenix AZ.

PitterPatter's Marilyn Summer at Moonstruck

is a chocolate tricolor merle female who lives in Vancouver WA.

If you would like to make a puppy like these a member of your family you can visit our contract page, read the details, then fill out our application. These puppies have health tested parents according to the Breed Parent Club (American Spaniel Club) recommendations. They are AKC registered correctly when they are Merles. They also come from an AKC & International Champion Lineage as well as one full of lots of performance titles.

PitterPatter's Caesar

is a brown and white merle male who lives in Chicago IL.