Where the Pitter Patter Of Paws Can be Heard Through Out the Halls.


We are planning to have available a litter of CH sired parti color puppies in Autumn of 2018, this is pending results of health testing on the intended dam aka Infiniti. Please fill out an application if interested in getting a puppy from us.   Currently all puppies are chosen and headed home to their new families.

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Not our exact Address, we reserve our privacy for our safety.  This gives people a general idea of where I am at tho!  If you know the Phoenix Area well I am very close to Pappago Mountain.  Approved  Applicants/Buyers will have our exact address as it is on the Purchase Agreement.

Ahead in 2018

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Hobby Breeder, Health Tested American  Cocker Spaniels in many colors & patterns.  Where the Pitter Patter of Little Paws can be heard through out the halls.  

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Unique & Quality Companions

Hand Raised in our Home to be Gentle and Kind for Your Family to Enjoy for a Lifetime: 

  • We provide a lifelong healthy well adjusted companion for you.
  • Paying extra special attention to healthy body and mind.
  • Bred for OUTSTANDING Temperaments.
  • We are very selective in our breeding and placement of our pets. 
  • They are like extended family members even after they go home with you.
  • We take pride in keeping in touch with our 'grand'babies!
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